OIC Basics – Subscribing to Business Events in OIC

Many components of Oracle ERP Cloud are workflow based, with this workflow infrastructure supporting many business processes. Business events have been placed at many of the key points along these workflows that can be leveraged to allow the user to trigger additional actions. This video takes a look at an example business event in ERP…

OIC – Creating Notifications With Table Data

As discussed in previous posts, Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) allows you to create notifications for users. Maybe the notification is produced to help the user quickly understand an issue, or perhaps alert them to a problem. OIC Notifications should be informative, and the content made easy to read. Some of our users asked whether they…

Passing a file attachment from OIC to a Process Application

In Oracle Integration Cloud you have the ability to create human tasks, with the user given the opportunity to upload files from their desktops to add to the BPM flow. However, what about starting a Process flow with an attachment already there for the user? Maybe trigger the Process Application from an OIC Integration?


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