OIC – Creating Notifications With Table Data

As discussed in previous posts, Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) allows you to create notifications for users. Maybe the notification is produced to help the user quickly understand an issue, or perhaps alert them to a problem.

OIC Notifications should be informative, and the content made easy to read.

Some of our users asked whether they could receive notifications containing tables of data? Having a table of information in a notification would be great to have as you could use it to summarise counts, or have lists of files that were processed, or give you a values of different processed orders?

There seemed to be no obvious option available to provide this function that could be made dynamic and reusable…but my Fujitsu colleagues and I did find a solution!

In this video we look at using a Custom Function, the function being written in JavaScript, and using it to convert comma separated values, and delimited data rows, into HTML readable table data.


The aim of this video is to:

  1. raise awareness of JavaScript functions that you can write to help with data formatting, conversions, or other types of tricky calculations, and
  2. show you something that you may not have known about OIC Notifications – html markup!

Until next time…

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