OIC – Using Integration Insights to track files

It has become obvious to me that my posts seem to concentrate on file handling within integrations. I’m pretty sure that my fixation is not an altogether bad thing to have? 🙂

I’ve been working in the area of ERP system integrations for over 20 years, and there is not one customer that didn’t want to query whether a document or file was processed by the system at some point. For example, it is always nice to be able to answer questions like ‘when did we receive and process a particular invoice document from a particular third party in the system?’, or ‘when was a bank instruction transferred for processing?’. Typically to answer those questions your integrations or ERP system need to capture that information in such a way that it can be easily searched, either by process name or by file name.

As part of the OIC second generation product, Oracle gives their customers access to ‘Integration Insights‘. It is available when a subscription to the ‘Enterprise’ edition of OIC is opted for.

Although it is not a business intelligence product, Insights does provide a capacity for business process activity monitoring or real-time process analytics.

Oracle suggest using Insights for tracking business performance and milestones, for example for orders or other business transactions that could flow through the OIC platform.

In this video we take a look at Integration Insights, and go through a worked example based on the scenarios outlined above….that is, to use Insights to help us track files in OIC.

Until next time…

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